The right moment, right place, right people

It’s still the vicious life according to the standards that makes most of people take decisions throughout their lifetime and that, most of the times, don’t lead to anything good. We are all pieces of comparing each other in career, family, friendships, bank accounts…

I’ve seen people who were the best at college and they end up living in the countryside doing peasant work . I know people who barely took their diploma but managed to build a business empire.

I know people who were married and have their kids only after 15 years together. I know people who are single parents.

I know people who knew each other long before, married and divorced in one day. I met people who took a leap of faith of a first night together and lived happily every after.

I know girls who build a live according to the perfect scenario: perfect husband, perfect kitchen, perfect two story house and perfect unhappiness. I know girls who’ve been through lots of ups and downs in relationships, but later met the one that took them three meters above the sky.

I know people who have been linked by religion and family to be together with someone, have children and they are amazing mothers and fathers but they never become the beloved husband or wife. And i know people that due to religion constraints and distance cannot be together but no matter what situations they end up and how far away they are, they keep coming back for each other. Those are the people who have the fate on their side. And they keep believing and waiting that one day they will be together.

I know people who are in a relationship and love somebody else. I met people who love and are living different lives.

I know the perfect virtual couples, complimenting each other and cheating on side, and i know couples about whom everybody is talking but nobody has a clue about their intimate life.

There are still people waiting to be loved and to share all the love they keep inside. Sometimes these are people that are already in a couple with somebody.

We tend to compare the timing of each action we are supposed to undergo. Some of us think that our friends and acquaintances manage everything in time and we are badly late with the clock of life.

The truth is each of us is neither ahead nor long in front line from others in this world. Everybody lives a life according to their choices and faith.

You are not losing, not being late, not doing things in vain. You are not falling behind.

Your faith moment is right ahead, and you will meet the right person, in the right place.

Be patient: it’s just not the right time yet.




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